Jenny Lawson Performance

Food Practice

As a maker of contemporary performance and live art, my practice is concerned with food, femininity, domesticity, popular culture and the autobiographical.  My recent solo and collaborative works investigate the cultural image of the domestic goddess and function as an intervention into popular cultural food practice and performance.  ‘Food practice’ is a term that I use to encompass a combination of my lived experiences with food, the commercial, popular cultural representations of food and my artistic explorations with food.  Like many, I am practicing food everyday, that is, I am making it, I am eating it and I am watching it.  These food practices are embedded into my experiential vocabulary and form part of my autobiography, my social and cultural landscape; impact upon my relationships and identities as a woman, artist and researcher, and produce my given social habitus.  It is these engagements with food that I seek to re-present in my artistic food practice, and in doing so explore, question and critique these experiences from within.  In response to these concerns, alongside the inherently dialogic nature of food encounters, my work operates from an interdisciplinary perspective involving theatre, installation, durational performance and site specific, participatory work.   In doing so, the work seeks to explore a variety of food practices, sites and phenomena including the kitchen, the restaurant, television chefs, cookery classes and food festivals